Appalachian State University Service Corps

Who We Are:

Appalachian State University recently entered into a 5-year cooperative agreement with the National Park Service (NPS). With this we are able to aid all NPS sites with project and seasonal employment needs. A school of nearly 17,000 students located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, we have faculty, students, and staff working to enhance and better understand our natural, cultural, historical, and recreation resources throughout the country.

We Seek Project and Employment Opportunities In:

  • Historical & Cultural Resource Management- Archaeology, Public History, Agriculture, Museums
  • Interpretation, Living History & Environmental and Outdoor Education
  • Recreation Management - Visitor Services & Education, Frontcountry & Backcountry Patrol, Inventorying & Survey Research
  • Geological & Soil Sciences
  • Youth Conservation Corps, Trail Construction & Maintenance
  • Life Sciences - Biology, Botany, Ornithology
  • Natural Resource Management - Air and Water Quality, Climatology, Fisheries, Restoration, Wildlife, Riparian & Wetlands
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Land Use Planning
  • Graphic & Computer Aided Design
  • Appropriate and Sustainable Technology
  • Public Relations

Areas of Expertise:

Some of Our National Park Service Related University Resources:

Appalachian State University Liaison to the Blue Ridge Parkway

The liaison is the central contact for initiatives that partner Appalachian State University with the Blue Ridge Parkway and its affiliate organizations such as the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Liaison office promotes opportunities that mutually benefit University students, faculty/staff, and alumni as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway and National Park Service. Since 2006, Appalachian has had an official partnership with the National Park Service for research and public service projects that help the Blue Ridge Parkway's management team in tight budget times and give the university an easily accessible service-learning opportunity.

Blue Ridge Parkway Corps

The Blue Ridge Parkway Corps is a partnership between Appalachian State University and the National Park Service, established to provide a volunteer presence along the trails of Blue Ridge Parkway corridor. The intent of this presence is to educate visitors on how they can best preserve and protect the unique and sensitive environment in the Rough Ridge area and encourage its responsible use. Parkway Corps volunteers also engage in outreach to educate the public about the Parkway and its preservation and in projects to improve the trails along the Parkway. The Corps is administered by the Office of Outdoor Programs.

FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian State University Student Chapter

The Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway is the non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving and protecting this national treasure. Operating under a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service, FRIENDS has placed emphasis on conservation, public education, and volunteer involvement.

ASU Trail Crew

The ASU Trail Crew, founded by five students who wanted to give back to their community and the outdoors, has been a service club since the spring of 2005. The club has generated a great deal of campus interest and has given thousands of hours of student labor to the Appalachian Trail and in creating the foundations of the first trail in Elk Knob State Park - one of North Carolina's newest parks. The Club hosts regular trail maintenance and development outings each academic year.

Academic Clubs Serving the Natural Environment

Contact Information to Discuss Your Project/Seasonal Help Needs:

Mark Spond, Ph.D.
Liaison to the Blue Ridge Parkway
Appalachian State University
ASU Box 32021
Boone, North Carolina 28608
office: 210A Edwin Duncan
office phone: 828.262.8118


Dr. Mark Spond
National Park Service Liaison
College of Arts and Sciences
Appalachian State University

Upcoming Positions at the Blue Ridge Parkway